Welcome to Living Worship

Dear Reader,

Thanks for checking out my new blog-Living Worship. In case you are not familiar with me, I’d like to share a little bit with you about how God has been transforming me into one of His worshipers.

My name is Rick Pidcock. In September of 2005, my wife Ruth Ellen and I moved from Greenville, SC to Denver, CO in order to help start NorthField Church, a non-denominational, Christ-centered church in the new Stapleton redevolopment area of Denver where I am serving as the lead worshiper. Our church is now just over six months old. And already, God is gathering a body of worshipers in this new urban community.

My passion is to share the redeeming hope of Christ through the gospel in every facet of life. The gospel is more than just the minimum theological facts that are necessary to believe in order to receive salvation. Rather, it is the transforming motive and power that calls and compels us to become worshipers of God with all that we are.

That is where I get the title for my blog-Living Worship. Worship is more than what happens on Sunday morning. It includes every thought, desire, motive, and action in life. It is living every moment by faith in order to magnify God to be of utmost supremacy, in response to the gospel of Christ. And I pray that God will use Living Worship to encourage you and to point you to the One that gives hope and power for everything that you face each day.

worshiping Him,
Rick Pidcock

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