Worship God Live

by Rick Pidcock
Sovereign Grace Ministries has been a source of great blessing to the corporate worship of many churches over the past few decades. However, even they have been met with criticism.

Concerning Bob Kauflin at the Together For the Gospel Conference, one writer said, “Because Bob Kauflin was put in a straightjacket regarding the instrumentation and selection of songs, the worship was both theologically sound and stylistically reverent.”

Another blogger said, “Bob Kauflin starts a series on how to increase ‘expressiveness’ in worship. Come on, if you have to encourage it, then it’s certainly artificial!”

Even more ludicrous, a third critic says, “I would moreover ask Bob Kauflin, with respect, just how ‘vast’ should we consider God?…I must say that…Pastor Kauflin greatly baffles me.”

Thankfully, Bob Kauflin and those at Sovereign Grace understand that true worship does not have to be done in a straightjacket, with no encouragement to worship joyfully, and with no consideration of the vastness of God. They understand that God gave us Christ so that we could worship Him with freedom, from hearts that are overflowing with joy, and in humble adoration of how vast His glory is.

Worship God Live is the latest live example of Christ-centered worship produced by Sovereign Grace. Bob Kauflin and Pat Sczebel led worshipers for two evenings of praise at Covenant Life Church. All fourteen songs focus on some aspect of the centrality of Christ in worship and the gospel.

As usual, the lyrics are theologically rich. One of my favorite moments on the CD comes in the song “Grace Unmeasured.”

Grace paid for my sins
And brought me to life
Grace clothes me with power
To do what is right
Grace will lead me to heaven
Where I’ll see Your face
And never cease
To thank You for Your grace

Another distinguishing factor that stands out to me is the music. I have never been disappointed with the lyrics of Sovereign Grace. However, sometimes, on other CD’s, I have felt that the quality of the music did not rise to the quality of the lyrics. Worship God Live, on the other hand, is musically excellent in every song throughout the CD. The styles on this project seem to mix a Celtic feel with other similarities to Hillsong.

As a worship leader, I also appreciate the singability of the songs. This past week, our worship team learned the song “Jesus Thank You” in about fifteen minutes. And our congregation was singing the song confidently on just the second stanza.

You can view more information about the CD, as well as listen to song samples, and download the lyrics, lead sheets, and chord charts for free here.

The CD is also available for purchase at the Sovereign Grace Store for just $14.00.

I highly recommend Worship God Live to every worship leader who seeks to have passionate, Christ-exalting worship in their churches. And I know that any believer who purchases this CD will be greatly encouraged to respond to the gospel in living worship.


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