“Humble Orthodoxy”

by Rick Pidcock

Over these past two years in Denver, we have been met on a number of occasions by believers from the Emerging Church movement.  The Emerging Church is a difficult movement to understand due to the fact that it is built on the idea that truth cannot be understood. 

Not everybody who ascribes to this movement agrees with the more liberal tendancies of Brian McLaren and others.  However, it is a growing trend within evangelicalism that must be understood and confronted by the gospel.

I’ve just recently been introduced to a new sermon by Josh Harris over at New Attitude.  Josh Harris is an excellent gospel-centered author and speaker who has spent much of his time dealing with dating issues.  However, he has recently begun confronting church related issues with the gospel.

I highly recommend for every worshiper to listen to Josh’s new sermon called “Humble Orthodoxy,” which he delivered at this year’s New Attitude conference.

Some of the thoughts that Josh brings out are…

  • We live in a day where certainty is out of style
  • Is the gospel play-dough or a diamond?
  • We need humble theology
  • What our world needs is young men and women courageously committed to the truth

Also, please take time to visit Josh’s blog.  His wit and theological wisdom will be a great tool of growth in your life.


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