Book Review- “Facedown” by Matt Redman

by Rick Pidcock 

the BookOver the past few years, one man that has had a great influence on my philosophy of worship is Matt Redman.  Even though his music style in worship is a little different from mine, his theology of worship has been very helpful. 

In his book Facedown, Matt Redman discusses the true need of every worshiper—to fall facedown before our holy God.  He begins the first chapter by saying, “When we face up to the glory of God, we soon find ourselves facedown in worship.” 

That statement is what the remainder of the book rests upon.  After discussing many scriptural examples of facedown worship, he then discusses such issues as the holiness of God, the mystery of God, and the centrality of Christ in worship. 

Matt then transitions from revealing the person of God to discussing the nature of our worship.  He says, “When we catch a vision of the whole Christ, it commands a response from the very depths of our being. Worship is always in reply to revelation. As we begin to see the all-deserving worth of God, it produces an all-consuming response in us—every thought, word and deed submitted in reply to His Lordship. It is worship with a price, a living sacrifice.” 

One of the most interesting chapters has to deal with the song of creation.  All throughout Scripture, God uses illustrations of nature worshiping Him.  The seas, trees, rivers, mountains, and hills are just a few creations of God that magnify Him.  Matt says, “Creation is alive with musicality; and every sound, note and strain is a response to the divine, pointing to the Author of all life-God Himself.” 

Matt also makes a plea to the contemporary church that it would turn from the frenzy of worship to true reflection that is based on the nature and Person of God.  He says that all to often our worship services are filled with so much noise.  And while it is good to praise the Lord with shouting, clapping, singing, and dancing, it is also important to have moments where we simply fall before Him in sheer silence, offering repentant faith. 

The final chapter is a great closing call to being awestruck with God.  He says, “When our eyes are opened to the big picture and we catch a greater glimpse of God, we are awestruck. The otherness of God, His wonderful mysteries, the view of the whole Christ, the song of creation, and the sound of sheer silence all lead us in one direction—awe. Facedown worshippers found throughout Scripture all have one thing in common: an awesome view of God.”  He goes on to say, “All worship is a response to a revelation—it’s only as we breathe in more of the wonders of God that we can breathe out a fuller response to Him.” 

Matt Redman has written and published a number of well known worship songs, CD’s, and books.  But this book is one of my favorites.  It is an easy read for every worshiper, only around 100 pages.  It is also a great tool for worship teams that seek the centrality of Christ in worship.  And it is a thought provoking treatise on how the glory of God and the experience of man are intricately connected in worship.

The book can be purchased online for just $10.38 or in almost any Christian bookstore.  You can also buy his accompanying live CD and DVD online as well. 

For more information on Matt Redman, check out his site at


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