A Prayer For Irresistible Grace

John Piper recently preached a sermon entitled “That Which Is Born of the Spirit Is Spirit.” In it, He makes an interesting observation concerning irresistible grace.  He says,

“I cannot pray for the lost without [the doctrine of irresistible grace]. I have tried time and again to imagine what I would ask God to do for a hardened, resistant neighbor if I did not believe in irresistible grace. Every prayer I come up with sounds like a joke. “God, provide my neighbor with some allurements to faith, but don’t make those allurements irresistible.” “God, work–work in my neighbor’s heart, but don’t work so much that he feels an overwhelming urge to believe.”No! I will not pray like that!

On the authority of God’s Word, here’s what I’m going to say to my neighbor: “God, give him a new heart! Reach in there and take that heart of stone and yank it out! Put a new one back in so that he loves to believe. Ravish him with your glory. Put irresistible inducements in front of him. Save him! Don’t let him go to hell.”

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