Worship God 06 Report

Rick Pidcock

 WorshipGod 2006 MP3 CDAs you may remember, a few months ago I posted an article concerning the Worship God ’06 conference that was to be held last week in Gaithersburg, MD by Sovereign Grace Ministries.  From all accounts, it was a very successful event.  Unfortunately, I was not able to attend this year’s conference.  However, a fellow blogger named Tim Challies was able to attend.  He offers a great summary of each of the main sessions at his blog.  Below, you can click on the links to read his reports as to how the week went.

Session One: A People of God’s Presence-Jeff Purswell

Session Two: Christ Our Access-Mark Mullery

The Prayer Room: The Valley Of Vision

Session Three: Celebrating God’s Presence-Craig Cabaniss

Session Four: Pursuing God’s Presence-Bob Kauflin

Session Five: Corporate Worship– Bob Kauflin

Session Six: Worshiping God As the Source of All Secondary Joy-Randy Alcorn

An MP3 CD can be purchased at the Sovereign Grace Online Store for just $25.  The CD will include all of the above main sessions, as well as the seminars listed below.

Seminar titles and speakers

  1. Why Skill Really Does Matter (Ken Boer and Pat Sczebel)
  2. Healthy Tensions in Corporate Worship (Bob Kauflin)
  3. Becoming a Better Songwriter (panel: Mark Altrogge, Steve & Vikki Cook, Keith & Kristyn Getty)
  4. Igniting Your Passion for God (Don Shorey)
  5. Sanctification through Serving (Mark Mitchell)
  6. Creativity in Corporate Worship (panel: Jim Donohue, Pat Sczebel, Eric Simmons, Joe Stigora)
  7. Training Children to Worship God (Mike Bradshaw and Marty Machowski)
  8. Auditioning and Developing Musicians (Ken Boer)
  9. Sound Teams 101 (panel: Rich Franck, Darryl Wenger, Dave Wilcox)
  10. Playing Spontaneously (Jon Payne and Pat Sczebel)
  11. Meeting God in the Psalms (John Loftness)
  12. Corporate Worship as Pastoral Care (Bob Kauflin)
  13. What Will Your Next Song Be? Writing Songs on Purpose (panel: Mark Altrogge, Steve & Vikki Cook, Keith & Kristyn Getty)
  14. Eagerly Desiring Spiritual Gifts (Aron Osborne)
  15. Microphone Applications (Lyle Gudmunsen)
  16. What Do I Do This Sunday? (panel: Craig Cabaniss, Bob Donohue, Joshua Harris, Joe Stigora)
  17. Monitor Applications (Carl Taylor)
  18. Praying Publicly (Mark Mullery)
  19. Worshiping the Triune God (Bruce Ware)
  20. Tech Panel (Jim Cowan, Darryl Wenger, Dave Wilcox)
  21. Developing a Youth Choir Program (Nancy Chouinard)

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