Award-Winning Writing

by Rick Pidcock

You will never guess what happened to me yesterday.  Every day, my favorite radio station, AM 950 The Fan, holds an e-mail contest.  And I decided to give my take on the latest University of Colorado loss to Montana St. 

If you know anything about Colorado football, you know that it is an absolute mess.  After Saturday’s loss to Montana St., Dan Hawkins, our new football coach said, “It might be a blessing. We’ve got to work a little bit harder and come together a little bit more.”

This weekend is the big in-state rivalry game against Colorado State University.  So here is what I wrote in to The Fan.

“If losing to Montana St. can be considered a ‘blessing,’ then just imagine the showers of blessings we could bask in by losing to CSU!  In fact, why don’t we just lose every game for the rest of the season?  Then we would really reach the pinnacle of learning how to ‘work a little bit harder and come together.'”

I have written in twice before.  And while both of those e-mails were read, I had never won anything.  But this time was different.  They came to their last e-mail and still had not read mine.  Then, finally, Mike Evans read mine.

In the end, they liked mine the best.  So I won two free tickets to go to the big game this weekend against CSU.

But here’s the catch.  The game starts at 3:00.  And I just happen to have a concert scheduled for 3:00.  So even though I recieved my first award for something that I wrote, I will not be able to enjoy the award this weekend.

Last week a few guys from our church decided to go to a Rockies baseball game.  And while we were at the game, a song played over the loud speakers that said, “We were meant to live for so much more.  But we lost ourselves.”  I looked at Matt and said, “How ironic that we are sitting here watching a baseball game and hearing the words, ‘We were meant to live for so much more.'”

I may not be able to enjoy the CU-CSU game this weekend.  But thankfully, because of what God has done for me in Christ, I can live for so much more than a college football game.  And this Saturday, God has given me the opportunity to share the hope of Christ with the town of Erie, CO.  Please be in prayer for the event.  And pray that once the kickoff starts, I will keep in mind that I was meant to live for so much more than a football game, and that it is all made possible because of the gospel of Christ.

* Picture of Coach Dan Hawkins courtesy of

One thought on “Award-Winning Writing

  1. Hey Rick- Thanks for this website/blog. I appreciate all of your thoughts and the teaching that goes into it.
    ps and sorry you missed the game- but it sounds like the thing in Erie was well worth it.

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