Personal Update-October 2006

by Rick Pidcock

As many of you know, we have had quite the eventful life since moving to Denver just over two years ago.  In short, during the first year we went through six vehicles, and three jobs on my part.  The vehicles were mostly cheapies that ended up having thousands of dollars worth of engine problems.  One of the jobs went south due to the fact that my employer did not have any money to pay me.  Then my carpet cleaning business failed after my second work vehicle was stolen.  And finally, I landed a toilet cleaning job at a church and school an hour away from home.

Over this past year, things have settled down a bit.  And since I haven’t sent out an update in a while, I figured I would write a quick article to share how we are currently doing.

One year ago this month, God allowed us to buy our first home.  This was a very exciting opportunity for us following the previous year of difficulties.  It is located only ten minutes from the airport and just fifteen minutes from our church.

Ruth Ellen has continued to work at New Life Family Medicine.  During this past year, she received her certification for medical coding.  So she has been enjoying working more in the back office. 

We found out last spring, however, that her doctor’s office is splitting.  One doctor has moved to Greenville, SC for a position at Bob Jones University.  The other doctor is either going to retire or continue his practice for about five more years.  And the third doctor is starting his own practice.

The doctor that is starting his own office asked Ruth Ellen to do the interior design since that is what she got her degree in.  So she has been spending alot of time on that project.  It is a really great opportunity for her to be able to have a huge project that she has designed, as she will be wanting to start doing her interior design more down the road when the kids start coming.   The office will be finished at the beginning of December, at which time she will begin working there.

In June, I found out from the church and school that I was working at that they can no longer afford to pay me due to their building project.  So once again, I was out of work.  But God has provided some odd jobs and carpet cleaning opportunities over the past few months.

Some of you may remember a few months back that I decided to get some training in the computer programming language SQL.  I continued to study for the certification test.  However, since then, another opportunity has come up.

T.J., the guy who runs the sound in our church, works for a Denver-based  company that provides electronic support and graphics needs for trials.  They have just recently developed a new electronic briefing program.  And so they asked me to come on and sell the new product.  I began last week.  And so far, things are going pretty well for only being at it a week.  Also, during the trials that we work in Denver, I help set up and take down all of the video and sound equipment in the courtroom.  It has been really enjoyable so far.

In December of last year, we were able to visit my family in Greenville.  This was a good visit since we hadn’t been there in a year and a half.  We’re hoping to get back there for a visit this next May for my brother’s graduation.

We also were able to visit Ruth Ellen’s family in Maryland this past June.  And we will see them again this next June for my brother-in-law’s wedding.

This year has been much easier than last year.  But still, we know that we must continue to depend on God. 

Bob Kauflin recently said in his blog, “What I’ve continued to learn is this: I never move on from my need for a Savior. The praise I seek from others will never substitute for the righteousness Christ has obtained for me before a holy God. In other words, the only approval that matters is impossible to earn, but is given to us as a gift in the Gospel.”

We must never move on from our need of Christ.  No matter where God’s sovereign hand leads us, we will always need Him.  He is the One that has given us everything.  And He is the One that we praise.

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