Evangelistic Opportunities At Living Worship

By Rick Pidcock

A little over six months ago, I ventured off into the world of blogging.  And I must say that it has given me some really good opportunities to explore the gospel more thoroughly as well as develop my writing.

Another thing that has been encouraging is the unexpected evangelistic opportunities that have come through this blog.  I just thought I would share a few examples with you. 

One of the topics on this blog is the Gospel and Entertainment.  I regularly post gospel-centered movie reviews from our church’s movie nights here.  And I cannot begin to tell you the amount of traffic these reviews bring to the site.  We get visitors every day who are just searching for details about specific movies, only to find a presentation of the gospel as it relates to that movie.

The most common search engine phrase that people find this site from is “According to Shrek, ogres are like….”  The review of Spiderman gets a ton of hits from people searching for superhero websites.  And just this morning, somebody found us by searching, “What was Shrek sitting on in the beginning?”

Another topic that unbelievers find the  site from is some of the more general life stories.  We have gotten a number of visitors searching for job opportunities at Subway.  And as a result, they found my article on Having A Gospel-centered Job Search

Others have found the site by searching for the traffic reporter’s name to my favorite sports radio station 950 The Fan.

There are a number of other instances as well.  But I just thought I would share a few examples of how God is using this blog to share the gospel with people who are not even looking for it.  Isn’t it amazing how creative God is, even in how he confronts people with the gospel?

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