It Is Time

By Rick Pidcock

If you have spent much time with me, you know that I am a Denver Broncos fanatic.  And if you know anything about this year’s Denver Broncos, you probably know what I mean when I say, “It is time.”

Quick history lesson…In 1999, the face of the Denver Broncos franchise took off the pads for the very last time. During his career, John Elway led the Broncos to five Super Bowls, winning the final two.  Ever since then, the city of Denver has been on a never-ending quest to find its next great quarterback.  During this time, we have experienced such debacles as Bubby Brister, Brian Griese, and now Jake Plummer.

Jake “The Snake” Plummer has been the most frusterating player that I have ever seen in any sport.  From the famous backhanded, left-arm throw on his own one yard line directly into the gut of a Chiefs defensive lineman two years ago, to the almost flawless few games of last year, the only consistency with Jake has been his inconsistency.


This year, however, Jake’s only consistency has been his consistently poor play.  This year alone, Jake has put up Quarterback Ratings of 26.3, 56.7, 62.2, 76.6, 51.8, 66.0, and 53.1.

Since the most important job to most Denver natives is not the governor, or the mayor, but the Broncos quarterback, it is no wonder why employees throughout the city this morning are on edge.  And with the hopes of the Super Bowl fading as fast as the Broncos standing in the AFC West, it is time to make a change.

This past offseason, Mike Shanahan officially gave Jake Plummer his job notice when he drafted Vanderbilt’s Jay Cutler.  The question has not been a matter of if Jay would take over, but when.  And that time is now.

The time is now because Jake Plummer has consistently handcuffed this team by his lack of ability to throw in the pocket.

The time is now because Jake has consistently paralyzed this team by his completely brainless throws into the middle of nowhere.

The time is now because Jake has consistently killed this team by his thoughtless interceptions and careless fumbles.

In short, the time is now because Jake  provides no hope of winning now.

In the NFL, your future is now.  And Jake Plummer is not our future.  Mike Shanahan has always prided himself in playing the best players.  And if the best quarterback for this past decade’s most explosive offense can only muster up a 69.7 rating, then we are in sad shape.

Do we know for sure if Jay Cutler can get it done?  No.  But one thing we do know is that Jake Plummer cannot.

My logic tells me that we should begin getting Jay Cutler ready for the Seahawks two weeks from now, rather than throwing him to the Chiefs on the road this Thursday evening.  But my heart asks, “Why waste anymore time?”

No more calls for “just one more game.”   Jake has had ten games this year to show us what he can do.  Those who keep saying that one of these days Jake is going to play well are more unreasonable than the boy who cried “Wolf!”

This morning, ESPN’s Mark Schlereth made his point very clear, “The time is now.  Make the change today.”  And quite honestly, I would like join him and the majority of the city of Denver by saying, “It is time.”


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