Hebrews 9, 10

by Rick Pidcock

Ryan Ferguson from North Hills Community Church in Greenville, SC shared this memorized scripture reading of Hebrews 9, 10 at this year’s Worship God ’06 conference for Sovereign Grace Ministries.  If you have a few moments, I would really encourage you to take a look at it.

Ryan is a theater director and manager of the Fine Arts Center at Anderson University. He can be contacted at ryan.ferguson@charter.net.

5 thoughts on “Hebrews 9, 10

  1. Wow! It was an act of worship to watch this presentation by Ryan. That’s the way Scripture ought to be read – not as boring, incomprehensible rhetoric, but as the living word, active and powerful. If anybody knows of other Scriptures he’s read like this, let us know! Can you imagine if he did the whole Bible on mp3?

    Ryan and I were friends on our high school speech team. You can tell I did debate and he did interp! I’m glad he’s stuck with it.

  2. Hi
    I have watched Ryan’s presentation again and again. If he can memorise the whole of Hebrews, maybe I can memorise some of it. So far I’m up to Hebrews 3:3 and thoroughly enjoying this adventure, begun on 6th December, 06

  3. Tim,

    You can download the video for Ipod or PSP here.

    I’ll try to get his e-mail address for you. But I’m leaving for a weekend getaway with my wife in an hour. So I’ll try to post that if I can find it sometime next week.


  4. that’s good stuff.
    Perhaps some preachers should preach like that.

    if he didn’t have a goatee, he might look a bit like Brad Sherwood from Whose Line.

    anyway, well done, Mr. Ferguson!

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