God-centered Worship Questions

by Rick Pidcock

I’d like to hear some thoughts on the topic of God-centered worship.


1. Where does God-centered worship begin?
2. What is the difference between a God-centered view of the gospel and a man-centered view of the gospel?
3. What is the role of the Father in worship?
4. What is the role of the Spirit in worship?
5. What is the role of the Son in worship?
6. What is the role of faith in worship?
7. How does God-centered worship flesh itself out in our lives?
8. How does God-centered worship flesh itself out in our churches?
9. How does God-centered worship relate to our mission of making disciples?

I know that I’ve asked a number of questions. But even if some of you could choose one or two of them to answer, I would be interested in hearing your response either on the blog or via e-mail.

Also, if there are any other major questions that you think should be considered, I would appreciate hearing them as well.

3 thoughts on “God-centered Worship Questions

  1. Great questions. In response to the first question, I would very much agree with an article you wrote a few weeks ago when you said that God-centered worship begins with a God-centered view of God. There’s really no other logical place to begin.

  2. Rick–
    I appreciate your questions. (I’m not going to answer them myself but I am interested in what others have to say about it!)

    The reason I love your questions is that you speak of worship as being something other than corporate worship in song. Almost everything you read about worship categorizes it only in terms of music or style.
    Your questions reflect a fuller perspective on what worship is: a way of life. A great book I read recently has really helped me grasp this: “Wired For a Life of Worship” by Louie Giglio—it should be required reading for anyone who struggles with what worship is really about.

  3. Rick,

    I believe the Bible teaches that worship is a by-product of the gracious forgiveness of sin by God. An easier way to state this principle is that “atonement will produce adoration.”

    Thus in response to your first question, God centered worship begins when an individual obtains forgiveness of sin. If we truly understand the magnitude of our sin and the holiness of God and therefore the unmerited grace and cleansing power of the blood of Christ, that atonement WILL produce adoration, or God centered worship.

    The story of Hezekiah reinstituting worship of God found in 2 Chronicles 29 is a great example of this. Verses 1 through 24 describe the sanctification and atonement that is necessary not only in this story but also in our lives. Immediately following the reconciliation / atonement that was achieved in verse 24, verse 25 begins the description of the adoration, worship, that resulted. In addition to music, we also see in verses 31 through 36 that giving to God is also an element of the adoration, worship, that is produced by atonement.

    Just a few comments in response…. Thanks for listening.

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