The New Sermon Page

by Rick Pidcock

Living Worship began last March for the purpose of magnifying the supremacy of God in response to the gospel.  In this first year, we have explored the gospel through theological articles, movie and CD reviews, real life stories, videos, and other various methods.

Something that I have been wanting to add for a long time is a Sermon Page.  And it is really exciting to open the new calendar year with this new feature.  The Sermon Page is filled with links to more gospel-driven sermons than you could ever have time to listen to.  Some of the men you may have heard of.  Others are not quite as familiar.  But what makes this feature unique is not the popularity of the pastors, but the centrality of the gospel in each sermon.

Please take some time to browse over the links.  And I pray that God will use this new feature to encourage your heart through the gospel-centered preaching of His Word.  You can view the Sermon Page here.

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