A God-Centered View of Isaiah 53

by Rick Pidcock

One of the most difficult doctrines for many believers to accept is the doctrine of particular redemption, which is basically the idea that God chose specific people for salvation before He even created the world.

While many people view the debate over Calvinism to be a minor issue with little significance to our daily lives, I personally believe that a proper view of the gospel is vital to a proper view of worship.  If worship is a response to the gospel, then we must get the gospel right.  A man-centered view of the gospel can only result in man-centered worship.  On the other hand, having a God-centered view of the gospel is the only way to begin having God-centered worship.  You simply cannot respond to a man-centered gospel with God-centered worship.

In a recent article written by Ken Fields, he considers Isaiah 53 in light of God’s particular redemption.  I would really encourage you to take a look at the article and consider how this God-centered interpretation of Isaiah 53 would transform your living worship.

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