Worship Songs Aren’t For the Blokes

It is always interesting to me to study how worshipers connect with different songs.  or example, alot of men seem to connect better with songs about the greatness of God.  On the other hand, alot of women feel a greater connection to songs about the love of God.

It’s almost humorous at times to see women worshiping passionately on one song, while the men just stand there.  And yet, on the next song the men will be belting it out, while the women just stand there.

In a recent interview with Britain’s Premiere TV, worship leader Matt Redman discusses this situation and even questions some of his own songwriting in light of these observations.  Check out the video below.

For those of you who write worship music, it’s important to consider some of these factors as you write.  If worship is our response, we need to be able to express what we are truly thinking and feeling.  But if half of us feel really uncomfortable with the lyrics, then that response in its fullest sense is hindered.

As Matt Redman says, the best way to do this is unclear.  But it’s something to think about.

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