Movie Review-Facing the Giants

by Rick Pidcock

facing-the-giants-dvd.jpgfacing-the-giants-dvd.jpgShiloh Christian Academy is your stereotypical small, Christian school with mildly apathetic students and a sports program that is well below average.  With some athletes leaving for better opportunities at bigger schools, and others transferring in due to disciplinary problems, head football coach Grant Taylor definitely has his giants to face.

Not to be outdone by his failures as a coach, is his inability to have children with his wife.  After four years of trying to have kids, they are both feeling hopeless.

Both of these trials, along with a smelly house, a broken down car, and angry boosters drive Coach Taylor to his knees.

After an encouraging word from a school prayer warrior, Coach Taylor decides to reconsider his entire view of life and sports.  He reasons, “If God wants us to worship Him with all of our lives, then does that not include football as well?”

So Coach Taylor calls a team meeting.  He offers to give ten dollars to anybody that can tell him the winner of the state championship five years earlier.  And after the silence, he goes on to say that football is not about the temporary highs and lows of winning and losing games.  Instead, he says that football is yet another opportunity for us to glorify God with.

After some initial resistance, the entire school begins to experience a revival.  Students get saved, reconcile relationships, and even improve their grades.  And of course, the football team begins to experience unparalleled success with their hard work.

By the end of the movie, each of Coach Taylor’s giants are defeated.  And the message is clear.  Is there anything too hard for God?  No.

Facing the Giants was put together by Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, GA.  It was funded entirely by private donors from the church members, and crewed almost entirely by volunteers.

As a result, the message is very clear and God-centered.  And yet, even though the inexperienced acting sometimes shows, the spirit of everybody involved permeates every scene of the movie.

One caution that I would have is that because every little detail in the movie turns out positively as a result of trusting God, it might be easy for the viewer to think that if they just trust God hard enough and give Him their best, then everything will turn out just right.  But in the end, there are thousands of couples that are trusting God, but may never have children.  There are thousands of Christian athletes who trust God and will never play for a state championship.  Every ministry is filled with volunteers and employees that drive beat-up vehicles and that will never be given a brand new truck.  Yet, the message of the movie should still remain the same for these people as well.  God is in control.  So trust Him. 

When Pastor Michael Catt was approached by an assistant pastor regarding his desire to get into Christian film-making, Pastor Catt was completely on board with the vision.  And as a result, Sherwood Pictures was born.  The church has not only surpassed expectations with Facing the Giants, but they are also releasing two additional films this year.

Whatever giants you may be facing, the answer for you is the same as it is in this movie, trust in the Sovereign God Who is in total control of every detail of your life.  If you are a believer, then this is one movie that is sure to meet your expectations and build your hope in Christ.

5 thoughts on “Movie Review-Facing the Giants

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  2. Hi there,

    I wanted to let you know that creators of Facing the Giants have just finished a new film that will be out in theaters this fall called, Fireproof.
    Visit to see a teaser site. We’ll have a full site up in a few weeks.

    If you would like future updates to this movie (if you liked Facing the Giants, you’ll love this movie) I would be happy to add you to our list.

    I am part of the PR team promoting the film.

    Thank you,

  3. hi there
    watched ‘facing the giants’ yesterday and wow…. is all i can say. i will watch ‘fireproof’ asap and i have also seen on the ‘sherwood pictures’ website ( that they have a third movie ‘flywheel’
    Im sure the two moview will be as good and teach as much as the first one did.

  4. Given the obvious fact that Sherwood pictures movies have been written, produced, directed NOT by professional actors and actresses, but pastors and christian volunteers, they are FANTASTIC and very well thought out. The themes point us to Christ from the beginning to the end. THANKS GUYS FOR SHARING THE GOSPEL IN SUCH A VIVID WAY. Showers of blessings and wisdom as you lead from the front wherever God places you. And always take care and protect your families. Luv y’all

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