Missionaries To Thailand

thailand.jpgby Rick Pidcock

wills.jpgwills.jpgWhen I was in college, I spent two summers leading worship at Woodlands Camp in Cleveland, GA.  The summers spent at the Woodlands were very influential in helping me grow as a young worship leader. 

During this time, the Wills family was very encouraging to me.  Their servant’s heart, strong work ethic, and outgoing personality always meant alot to everyone they ever came into contact with.

Over the past few years, God has given them a burden to minister the gospel to college students in Bangkok, Thailand.  So I wanted to get their information out so that you can support them in any way you can.

If you would like to support them financially, you can do so online here.  Just fill out the information and designate it to Bobby and Paula Wills Acct#31363.

Please take a few moments to check out their information below.

Dear Friend,

The Lord has been increasing the call on our hearts to reach out into the darkest places with the Gospel. We, like the Apostle Paul, say  

“…and thus I make it my ambition to preach the gospel, not where Christ has already been named…”.  Romans 15:20

This is the unstoppable desire God has placed on our hearts. He has shown us a place and a people who are in darkness. The place is Thailand, specifically, the capital city of Bangkok. The people are the 12 million Buddhists who live without a Christian witness. Please, please pray for us as we begin this journey into God’s great plan.  

This is a “God-sized” mission, but He invites us all into the work if we will join Him. We will go, will you help us get there?

thailand.jpgWe will be bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached peoples and campuses of Bangkok through the development of national churches. In Thai culture, many generations of a family live under one roof.

A key entry into the multi-generational family is with the college students. They are the future leaders of the nation. In Bangkok there are roughly 1 million college students! Our teammates have established work at Kasetsart University and have begun “Covenant Church Bangkok”. We believe the Lord is leading us to build next generation leaders through this type of campus ministry. Our team is ready to receive us and has issued an urgent invitation for us to come and help them reach the Thai people with the love of Christ. 


To enable us to meet the challenges ahead, we need a team of faithful partners in prayer and finances.

First, we ask you to pray for us. Without prayer, all else is futile.

Secondly, we ask you to partner with us financially. This is an eternal investment in the Kingdom of God. When you partner with us in this ministry in Bangkok, together we will see the Thai people come to know the one true God–Jesus Christ, we will see the Thai people set free from fear and Buddhism and know the freedom of Christ, and we will see the nation plagued with prostitution, social injustice, and idolatry hearing the gospel. 

We are praying for people to come alongside us and mobilize this ministry by monthly giving and one-time contributions to cover outgoing expenses. Would you consider partnering with us and giving $67 a month? We are praying for 100 people to invest this amount monthly. This will totally cover the monthly support need for the ministry in Bangkok. For outgoing expenses, we need $59,468 in one-time contributions to cover pre-field immunizations and physicals, pre-field intercultural training (read more at Center for Intercultural Training website), Bible intensive courses and housing, airfare, documentation and visas, shipping and customs, Thai Language acquisition, Med-Evac insurance and other related costs.     

What does our monthly budget cover?

You may be wondering how our budget is structured. As our partner, we want you to make an informed decision and know exactly how your investment is covering ministry expenses.  

The following is a breakdown of the major allocations of the $6700 monthly budget that will provide the ministry resources in Bangkok:

$688 Rent and Utilities 
 $456 Goods & Services Differential for Thailand
$504 Social Security (we pay employee & employer parts)
$950 Ministry Expenses/Supplies
$540 Med-Evac & Health Insurance
$75 Vehicle/Transportation Expenses
$300 Children’s Education on field
$996 Support Services
$1897 Base Pay

Please feel free to ask us any questions regarding our budget or ministry specifics.


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