NorthField Church Independence

by Rick Pidcock

It is hard to believe that it has been three years since we first began NorthField Church with just six people.  But this past Sunday, God allowed us to celebrate our independence as a self-supporting church.

We had a great service with music, testimonies, prayer, teaching, and discussion to help set the vision for gospel-neighboring in our community.

My favorite part of the service was the testimonies.  We had spontaneous testimonies given by an unbeliever, struggling believers who are just getting back into church, and the more involved people as well.  But each of them gave testimony, not to the greatness of our church, but to the greatness of our God.

We also took time to get our first church-wide photo to send back to Heritage Bible Church, who supported us over these past few years.  And we also had our people write thank you cards to Heritage to share how God used Heritage’s support of NorthField Church in their personal walks with God.

We are thankful for Heritage Bible Church for the prayers and financial support that they have given to us as our mother church over the past few years.

We are also thankful for the many friends and family members who have encouraged us during times of need and of abundance.

But most of all, we are thankful to our God for building His church and bringing together a group of growing sinners.

If you are interested in reading more detail about what God is doing in our church, take a few moments to check out our new website that we just released today.

We look forward to this new chapter in the journey that God has for NorthField Church.  Thanks again for all your prayers and support.

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