Reveal Your Glory

by Rick Pidcock

This is a song that I wrote about a month ago following a Sunday in which we meditated on God as the Creator of heaven and earth.

Before you watch this video, close your eyes, quiet your heart, and think of a place in your life when it was just you, your Creator, and the beautiful creation that was designed for His glory and for your enjoyment.

Imagine the sights, even the little details.

Imagine the sounds–soft, subtle.

Imagine the smells.

Now picture your Creator sitting there right next to you.

What would He say? What questions would you have?

These are moments that every one of us have. Moments where we are left speechless, with nothing but the simple release of, “God, reveal Your glory.”

This may be just a video set to music. But I hope that it brings a greater joy to you in knowing that you have a Creator who carefully fashioned the entire universe for you to enjoy to His glory.


I watched the sunrise, and felt the warmth upon my face.
I smelled the morning dew and I
Wondered about
Why my Creator would share this little moment here with me.
So mezmerising.

Oh, oh, reveal Your glory
Oh, Oh, reveal Your glory

I climbed a mountain and heard You whisper in the wind.
I felt so small inside and I
Wondered about
Why one so infinite would create this memory with me.
So unforgettable.

I smelled the salty ocean air, and felt the sand beneath my feet.
I watched the waves wash and I
Wondered about
Why You would carefully design this all to take the breath right out of me

Words and Music by Rick Pidcock
(c)2008 by Rick Pidcock

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