Drawn By Grace–Part One

by Rick Pidcock

It was a stormy Georgia evening, as I lay in my bedroom, alone and afraid.  With every crash of thunder, every flash of lightning, I shuttered, feeling death lurking and waiting to take me.  Within moments, I just knew that the flames of hell were going to engulf my soul.  Why?  Because earlier that day, I sinned.

Sure, I had said a prayer back in the 3rd grade.  And yes, I believed that I was saved.  But that stormy night was just one of many nights where I felt that I had lost my salvation.  And so I layed, terrified of the wrath of God.

It has now been 16 years since my life became overwhelmed with terror.  And though I no longer view God the way I did years ago, the effects that this mindset has had on my life have been very damaging.

I’d like to begin writing a series of articles entitled, “Drawn By Grace.”  The purpose for these articles is to share how God drew a very self-righteous, man-centered sinner by His grace to the hope of the gospel.

I’m going to be very transparent in these articles about my spiritual, mental, and emotional condition along the way.  But I’m also going to be careful not to talk about specific people that influenced me along the way.

The journey has been long.  And it’s still not over.  In fact, it never will be.  But my prayer is that you will identify with me somewhere along the way, and that you will find yourself being drawn by grace from hints of hope to the infinite hope of the gospel.

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