Together for Adoption Conference 2012

by Rick Pidcock

Have you ever stopped to consider what all 7 billion people on this planet have in common?  No matter what country we are from, no matter what home we are born into, we are all born into this world as orphans.

We are all born fatherless.  We are all born alone.  We are all born into a more desperate, helpless condition than any of us could ever fully comprehend.

But the Story doesn’t end at helpless.  In fact, for the believer, it doesn’t even begin at helpless.  Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”  The word translated “workmanship” is “poema,” which is where our word “poem” comes from.   This verse is pointing us to the reality that our lives are a poem, a Story, written by a Sovereign Author who called us out of our homelessness to be His children, before we were even born as spiritual orphans, so that we can extend that same grace to others.

Physical adoption goes far beyond simply providing a roof over the head of an orphan.  Its roots reach much deeper than simply human compassion.  It is rooted in the Story that God our Father has adopted us as His children, and has made us fellow heirs with our older Brother Jesus.  And it is an overflowing expression of grateful worship from hearts that desire to extend the same grace that they experienced themselves to a child in need.

On September 14-15, in Atlanta, GA, Together for Adoption is hosting its National Conference on adoption.  Together for Adoption exists “to provide gospel-centered resources that magnify the adopting grace of God the Father in Christ Jesus and mobilize the church for global orphan care.”  The theme of this year’s conference is “God’s story of adoption for a broken world.”  The conference will not only grow your understanding of the theology of adoption, but also your heart’s desire to participate in promoting adoption both physically and spiritually.

Speakers include Tony Merida, Leonce Crump, Tony Carter, Reddit Andrews, Noel Piper, Dan Cruver, and Shaun Groves.

The conference will include general sessions that explore the theology of adoption.  And it will also include a number of breakout sessions that cover such topics as “A Blueprint for Launching Orphan Ministry in the Local Church,” “Creating Sustainable Business to Help Orphans,” “Singles and Adoption,” “Domestic Adoption,” “International Adoption,” and many more.

You can register as a college student for just $49, as an individual for just $89, or in church groups of 5 or more for just $79 here.


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