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New Sojourn Christmas Album: A Child Is Born

by Rick Pidcock

It’s getting to be that time of year again, when songs of chestnuts, an imaginary fat guy, and flying reindeer fill the airwaves.  It’s a time when unbelieving secular artists sing a song or two about a God they don’t believe in.  And it’s time for many of us to wish that there were more creative, excellent Christmas music choices to enjoy.

I’d like to let you know about a new album that has just been released by Sojourn Music, entitled A Child Is Born.

Sojourn Music is a group from Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, KY that produces contemporary hymns, psalms, and songs of lament and praise, with a very modern, folk rock style.

In their newly released Christmas album, they provide a soulful, desperate, and fresh approach to a number of well known, and some not so well known Christmas songs.

I am especially excited about their rendition of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.”  I’ve always wished that this song would be recorded with a more upbeat, desperate rejoicing feel to it.  And their rendition did just that.

If you’re looking for some fresh, creative new Christmas music this season that rises above what you generally find on pop radio, then I strongly recommend checking out A Child Is Born.

You can listen to the album below for free, and purchase it at the link provided for as low as $9.


The Gathering

by Rick Pidcock

During our last year in Denver, CO, we were members of Sovereign Grace Church, which is part of a family of churches known as “Sovereign Grace Ministries.”  While we were a part of SGM, I was very excited to be able to get an up close experience of some of the planning stages that went into the most recent live worship recording, “The Gathering.”  I’d like to share a little bit about what went into this project, as well as a few thoughts on the project as a whole.


CD Review-A Collision

by Rick Pidcock

a-collision.jpga-collision.jpgOne of my goals for this year as a corporate worship leader is to explore the elements of excellent worship music.  Even though our worship music is acceptable to God based on the perfecting work of Christ rather than on the quality of our gift, it is still important for us to reflect the infinitely excellent character of God by studying and playing worship music that is excellent as well.

One CD that I believe we can look to as a good example of this is David Crowder’s “A Collision.” The theme of the CD is, “When our depravity meets His divinity, it’s a beautiful collision.”  David Crowder explores this theme by dividing the CD into four main sections–all of which further our appreciation for the gospel that gives us life. (more…)

Free Song–The Look

by Rick Pidcock

Bob Kauflin of Worship Matters has offered a free mp3 copy of his song “The Look” for a limited time. 

Concerning the song, Bob says, “For years, C.J. Mahaney referred to a John Newton hymn that began with the lines, “In evil long I took delight.” Newton imagines the Savior looking down at him twice from the cross. The first look communicates our guilt and responsibility for the death of Christ. The second look assures us that this sacrifice forever secures our forgiveness before God. The two looks together fill us with a “pleasing grief and mournful joy.”  (more…)

CD Review-Everything Glorious

by Rick Pidcock

Edit: My understanding of a few of the songs that I critique below has changed to some degree recently.  So be sure to take a look at the comment section for more discussion on these things. 

For those of you who follow the modern worship movement, you are probably at least somewhat familiar with the Passion Worship Band.  The Passion Movement is an annual gathering of college students led by Louie Giglio from Andy Stanley’s church in Atlanta, GA.  Every year, thousands of students gather together to worship and hear the preaching of the Word by men such as Louie Giglio and John Piper.

They just recently released a new live worship CD entitled Everything Glorious. Led by musicians such as Chris Tomlin, Kristian Stanfill, Charlie Hall, Matt Redman, and David Crowder, 18,000 worshipers joined in song at Nashville’s Gaylord Arena for Passion 06.

Everything Glorious is a collection of 13 worship songs, including a good mix of contemporary songs and older hymns. (more…)

Worship God Live

by Rick Pidcock
Sovereign Grace Ministries has been a source of great blessing to the corporate worship of many churches over the past few decades. However, even they have been met with criticism.

Concerning Bob Kauflin at the Together For the Gospel Conference, one writer said, “Because Bob Kauflin was put in a straightjacket regarding the instrumentation and selection of songs, the worship was both theologically sound and stylistically reverent.”

Another blogger said, “Bob Kauflin starts a series on how to increase ‘expressiveness’ in worship. Come on, if you have to encourage it, then it’s certainly artificial!”

Even more ludicrous, a third critic says, “I would moreover ask Bob Kauflin, with respect, just how ‘vast’ should we consider God?…I must say that…Pastor Kauflin greatly baffles me.”

Thankfully, Bob Kauflin and those at Sovereign Grace understand that true worship does not have to be done in a straightjacket, with no encouragement to worship joyfully, and with no consideration of the vastness of God. They understand that God gave us Christ so that we could worship Him with freedom, from hearts that are overflowing with joy, and in humble adoration of how vast His glory is. (more…)