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NorthField Church Independence

by Rick Pidcock

It is hard to believe that it has been three years since we first began NorthField Church with just six people.  But this past Sunday, God allowed us to celebrate our independence as a self-supporting church.

We had a great service with music, testimonies, prayer, teaching, and discussion to help set the vision for gospel-neighboring in our community.

My favorite part of the service was the testimonies.  We had spontaneous testimonies given by an unbeliever, struggling believers who are just getting back into church, and the more involved people as well.  But each of them gave testimony, not to the greatness of our church, but to the greatness of our God. (more…)


Missionaries To Thailand

thailand.jpgby Rick Pidcock

wills.jpgwills.jpgWhen I was in college, I spent two summers leading worship at Woodlands Camp in Cleveland, GA.  The summers spent at the Woodlands were very influential in helping me grow as a young worship leader. 

During this time, the Wills family was very encouraging to me.  Their servant’s heart, strong work ethic, and outgoing personality always meant alot to everyone they ever came into contact with.

Over the past few years, God has given them a burden to minister the gospel to college students in Bangkok, Thailand.  So I wanted to get their information out so that you can support them in any way you can.

If you would like to support them financially, you can do so online here.  Just fill out the information and designate it to Bobby and Paula Wills Acct#31363.

Please take a few moments to check out their information below.


The City On A Hill–A Call To Biblical Contextualization

by Rick Pidcock

One of my favorite games growing up was, “Find Daddy.” My dad would hide somewhere. And then my brothers and I would search for him. Occasionally he would call out to us, which would make us even more determined to find him.

Unfortunately, however, many churches today have taken a “Find Daddy” approach to ministry. Rather than proactively engaging our communities every day with the gospel, we occasionally invite them to our evangelistic meetings. Rather than attempting to communicate the gospel openly to them in their language, we assume that they should come learn our cultural language.


Religion A La Carte

By Josh Butler

(Josh Butler is a friend of mine who received his degree at Bob Jones University at the same time that I did.  He is currently receiving a Master’s Degree at Faith Baptist in Iowa.  This article is a paper that he recently submited on the topic of evangelism and culture). 

Benjamin grew up Catholic.  In his younger years he regularly attended Mass but ever since he graduated from high school and moved out for college he has only stepped into a church for three weddings, a baptism, and his cousin’s funeral.  It was in his college years that his church attendance disintegrated.  After learning in Biology class about evolution he has been skeptical about creation as an explanation for the origin of the universe.  It was Benjamin’s Religion professor who radically changed his view of church.  (more…)

Our First Anniversary

by Rick Pidcock

This past month, we celebrated our first anniversary as NorthField Church. This first year has been filled with stories of God’s grace and provision in the life of our church.

On September 18, 2005, NorthField Church officially launched in the Stapleton redevelopment community of Denver, CO.  Throughout this past year, God has brought over 200 people to us.  Of course, not all of them have stayed.  But everyone of them was shown the supremacy of God through gospel-centered ministry. (more…)

The Irresistible Gospel And Missions

by Rick Pidcock 

When I was in third grade, my dream was to one day become a missionary to India.  Unfortunately, however, my intentions had nothing to do with the supremacy of God or the Great Commission.  Instead, I thought, “Since India is called India, it must have Indians living in it.  And if there are Indians, then there most certainly must be cowboys.  So if I become a missionary to India, then I will be able to play Cowboys and Indians all the time!” 

Of course, over the years God began to show me that missions was about something much more than playing “Cowboys and Indians.”  And as I began to grow more in my knowledge of the gospel, I began to see some comforting truths that I hope will bring some encouragement to you as we all are called to be missionaries to our communities.  (more…)

What We All Need

As usual, Bob Kauflin over at Worship Matters has posted an excellent article on the needs of the unsaved in our worship services.

He says, “Unbelievers come to church thinking they need closer friends or better money management principles. They may be seeking a place to feel comfortable, a community to belong to, or a cause they can devote themselves to. The Gospel gives us more. So much more that it can seem scandalous.”

I would highly encourage each of you to read his article.  It will encourage you to view the way your church relates to the unsaved in light of Who Christ is.  You can view it here.