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Continuationism: Orderly Worship & Speaking In Tongues

by Rick Pidcock

Earlier this year, I began a series on biblical continuationism. After an initial introduction article, I wrote two additional articles entitled, Continuationism & the Sovereignty of God, and Continuationism & the Sufficiency of Scripture.

When I began to come around to the idea of ongoing biblical prophecy, I really struggled with the idea of speaking in tongues.  And as I talk with other believers, I get this sense from them as well.

I hear questions like, “Isn’t speaking in tongues simply witnessing in another human language?  Doesn’t Paul say that speaking in tongues is selfishly prideful?  What about the modern day craziness that goes on in churches? What is the meaning?  What’s the point?”

I’d like to say up front that I have never experienced this gift in either private or corporate worship.  So I am writing this article, not based on experience, but rather based on my understanding of Scripture.

Speaking in tongues is a topic mostly met with very strong convictions, and a lot of confusion.  So I’d like to work my way through 1 Corinthians 14, in order to try to give as accurate and simple of an explanation of tongues as I can. (more…)


Continuationism & The Sovereignty of God

by Rick Pidcock

Traditionally, charismatics are usually Arminean in their theology.  I’ve heard a number of reformed, Charismatic pastors express that when they first began believing in continuationism, they thought, “Reformed and charismatic?  Is that even possible?”

I would like to propose that not only is it possible, but that my belief in continuationism has actually bolstered my appreciation for the sovereignty of God. (more…)

Continuationism Introduction

by Rick Pidcock

As I’ve shared in the series of articles entitled, “Drawn By Grace,” my theology has taken quite the paradigm shift over the past twelve years from an extreme Arminean view of salvation, to a growing dependence on the doctrines of grace.

More recently, God used our search for a local church to cause us to consider our views of cessationism vs. continuation of spiritual gifts.  Over the past year and a half, we have been searching for a church that teaches, values, and lives the gospel.  And over time, we believe that God led us to Sovereign Grace Church, which is part of Sovereign Grace Ministries–a Reformed, Charismatic network of churches.

Though our view of salvation was essentially reformed, our understanding of the continuation of all of the spiritual gifts was that they had ceased at the closing of the canon of Scripture.  In our minds, because the more “miraculous gifts” were simply “sign gifts” that confirmed the authenticity of the apostles message, they were no longer necessary for the church today.

I would like to write a short series on how we believe that God has led us to a belief in the continuation of all of the spiritual gifts.  The first article will be entitled “Continuationism & The Sovereignty of God.”  The second article will deal with “Continuationism & The Sufficiency of Scripture.”  And the third article will deal with, “Continuationism and Orderly Worship.”

One common problem in discussing these issues is to draw conclusions based on experience and fear.  Many cessationists will say that they have not experienced these gifts, and that they are afraid of the extreme over emotionalism found throughout the charismatic movement.  On the other hand, many continuationists communicate fear of being dead and dry if they were to adapt a cessationist mindset.

My goal in these articles is to let the Scriptures define my theology, rather than my experiences.  And I pray that as you read, you will do the same.  And whether or not we agree on every last point is not the most important thing.  But I pray that you will have a greater appreciation for the Sovereignty of God, confidence in the Sufficiency of Scripture, and passion for orderly worship as a result of this series.