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Drawn By Grace 4–Christ Is My Perseverance

by Rick Pidcock

When I believed that I could lose my salvation, my belief was indeed driven by what I saw in Scripture.  To this day, I cannot deny that there are alot of “If you” statements in Scripture.  So what happened to these verses?  Did they just disappear?  Am I conveniently ignoring them simply because they do not fit into my theological system?  I’d like to use this post to share with you how even those “If you” statements ultimately point us to our hope in God.



Drawn By Grace 3–Christ is Sovereign

by Rick Pidcock

It was 3:00 in the morning.  And rather than getting much needed sleep, I was up devising plans to save the Church.  I was going to start by posting newspaper ads around the country that would tell Christians that many of them were going to hell.  Then, my goal was to travel around and share this great truth, in hopes that it would grow into large stadium crusades of Christians listening to me and repenting.

In addition to the stadium crusades, I also wrote a bunch of songs begging my high school friends not to lose their salvation.  And to supplement the songs, I wrote three books of around 200 page single-spaced Word documents about the wisdom in my songs, not to mention the movie scripts.

And though my thoughts on eternal security soon began to change as God opened my eyes to the righteousness of Christ, my self-dependant spirit continued.

During my first semester at BJU, I kept a record in my day timer of all of the kids who were being saved by my preaching.  I then actually told my dad once that the key to saving people is to preach with the style of a new evangelical, but with the substance of a fundamentalist.

I had big plans, desires, and intricately thought out “solutions” to all of the church’s problems.  And I felt very good about myself.  But there was an emptiness that could only be filled by the grace of God.  And over time, God began to transform my theological framework even more.


Drawn By Grace 2–Christ is my righteousness.

by Rick Pidcock

School had ended.  And it was time for me, my dad, and my three brothers to all pile in the small Suzuki sidekick with our bookbags, instruments, and football pads to head home.  And being a new driver, it was my chance to take the wheel.

As I drove down a two lane road, I kept glancing down at the speedometer every few seconds.  The speed limit was only 35.  And I had to make sure that I was staying under it.  You see, speeding, no matter how little or how much, was a sin.  And if I sinned too much, or died without confessing my sin, I thought I would end up in hell.  So I kept focusing down at the speed limit to make sure that I was not sinning.

All of the sudden, everybody yelled.  I looked up.  And I realized that I was going through a red light, which was also a sin.  And I didn’t know how much more I could take.

Once again, I found myself alone, afraid that I had lost my salvation that day.  Even if I confessed, how did I know for sure that my confession was genuine enough?  I knew that I had to figure out a way to not speed, but still drive well in order to make sure that I would be pure enough to make it into heaven. (more…)

Drawn By Grace–Part One

by Rick Pidcock

It was a stormy Georgia evening, as I lay in my bedroom, alone and afraid.  With every crash of thunder, every flash of lightning, I shuttered, feeling death lurking and waiting to take me.  Within moments, I just knew that the flames of hell were going to engulf my soul.  Why?  Because earlier that day, I sinned.

Sure, I had said a prayer back in the 3rd grade.  And yes, I believed that I was saved.  But that stormy night was just one of many nights where I felt that I had lost my salvation.  And so I layed, terrified of the wrath of God. (more…)