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John Piper Is Bad

by Rick Pidcock

Edit: The video in this article has been deleted.  For a detailed explanation, please read my article, “Living Worship On My Blog.” 

Edit: I just found John Piper’s personal reaction to the video in question.  For those of you who were offended by it, I have been told that part of your reasoning was that it disrespected a godly man and did nothing to point us to the gospel.  Because most of you still have not contacted me personally, I cannot interact with you personally about it.  However, I would like to post John Piper’s personal reaction from his own website to the video here.  Just so you know, they do play an audio clip of the video in this mp3 file.

Since we have had a few recent articles on sin, I thought you would all enjoy this video called, “John Piper Is Bad.”

Even though this video is humorous, it is a healthy reminder that none of us are righteous in and of ourselves.  We are all basically bad.  But God chooses to declare us righteous by the merits of Christ.  During this week of thanksgiving, let’s remember what we should ultimately be thankful for–the gospel of Christ that declares sinners righteous.


Evangelistic Opportunities At Living Worship

By Rick Pidcock

A little over six months ago, I ventured off into the world of blogging.  And I must say that it has given me some really good opportunities to explore the gospel more thoroughly as well as develop my writing.

Another thing that has been encouraging is the unexpected evangelistic opportunities that have come through this blog.  I just thought I would share a few examples with you.  (more…)

Award-Winning Writing

by Rick Pidcock

You will never guess what happened to me yesterday.  Every day, my favorite radio station, AM 950 The Fan, holds an e-mail contest.  And I decided to give my take on the latest University of Colorado loss to Montana St. 

If you know anything about Colorado football, you know that it is an absolute mess.  After Saturday’s loss to Montana St., Dan Hawkins, our new football coach said, “It might be a blessing. We’ve got to work a little bit harder and come together a little bit more.”

This weekend is the big in-state rivalry game against Colorado State University.  So here is what I wrote in to The Fan. (more…)

Words Guys Should Never Use

by Rick Pidcock

My favorite radio station in the world is Denver’s sports talk station AM-950 “The Fan.”  Over the past month, the morning show has been compiling a list of words that “guys should never use in any context…period.”  The list is continually being updated as needed.  But here is what they have come up with so far. (more…)