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Having a Christ-centered Job Search

If there is one thing that this church planting worship leader has experience in, it is searching for a job. I may not be experienced at many jobs. But I have plenty of experience looking for them.

Two weeks before Ruth Ellen and I were married, I was told by Pizza Hut that I could no longer work there due to the fact that I had received two traffic violations in the past year. Of course, both of them were from rolling through a stop sign while working overtime. But there was nothing that my manager could do.

I then found a job working for Subway that lasted a day and a half. But after my manager publicly humiliated me for putting four black olives on a six-inch sub as opposed to two (and threatening to cut my salary in half to pay for my doubling the olives), for twisting the mop head once instead of three times before ringing it out, charged me fifty cents every time I wanted a drink, and would not let me bring my book bag to work after school for fear that I would steal food, I just could not take it anymore. Plus, after the second day, I still had not finished paying off my work hat and uniform. So I was then jobless once again. (more…)