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Blizzard 2006 Update

by Rick Pidcock

Edit: I may be adding pictures and stories to this post as the days progress.  So check back for an occasional update. 

Many of you may be wondering how we are doing out here in Narnia…I mean Denver.  So I thought I would give you all an update as well as share some pictures of our neighborhood.  In case you do not know, we live in the northeast part of Denver, out by the airport.  And I think we can safely say that we got slammed. (more…)


Having A Christ-centered Sibling Relationship

When I think of my childhood, the one word that comes to mind is selfishness. Being the oldest brother, at the age of six, I felt that my age demanded respect and submission. Every aspect of my brothers lives revolved around me.

When we were living in Colorado, I remember forcing my brothers to put my car tracks together. But then they could only watch as I played. I told them that they were not to wander off, but rather to sit and watch me play.

I also remember playing “pretend church.” And of course, I took up an offering. What few pennies my infant to four year old brothers had, I told them that they should give their money to God by giving it to me. And as the devil is my witness, they did.

As we reach this final article in our brief discussion on Living Worship In the Home, I cannot help but admit that I have not thought much on this specific article topic before. So I apologize if my thoughts are still immature in their understanding of gospel-centered whole-life worship. (more…)

Having A Christ-centered Parent-Child Relationship

by Rick Pidcock

I will never forget my last spanking ever. My dad was helping me on one of my dreaded school projects. I, of course, had procrastinated to the very last minute. And both of us were feeling very frustrated. He wanted me to get my work done. And I just wanted him to get off of my back about it.

Through the ensuing conversation, various uncharitable words were expressed on my part, which resulted in my last spanking ever.

My dad grabbed the wimpiest ping pong paddle that had ever been swung on planet earth. And as he made contact with my posterior, the paddle broke…and so did his finger on the corner of the door.

Years later, my mom told me that she told my dad that night, “That’s what you get for spanking out of anger.” Of course, I’m sure that I was at least partly to blame in the whole matter.

I can guess that we probably all have fond memories of our last spanking ever. Perhaps some of you parents are wondering when you will ever give out your last spanking ever. But whatever parent-child relationship you find yourself in, the fact remains that every parent-child relationship has been broken by sin. (more…)

Having A Christ-centered Marriage

by Rick Pidcock 

I will never forget the evening of December 27, 2003. After getting lost on my way to the wedding, getting dressed in the middle of the auditorium, and forgetting my hair gel, I was about to see my bride walk down the isle to give her entire life to me.

With the lights down low, I waited in anticipation as the music began. The song was a song that I had written years before I had ever met Ruth Ellen called, “Look At My Bride.” With the back doors to the little church still closed, the first stanza began to express the feeling of hope, joy, excitement, and even fear that was all rushing through my veins in that timeless moment. I ached for those doors to open.

Then, all the years of waiting, hoping, and praying came down to one moment that would redefine the rest of my life. The doors opened, and there stood my bride. And as she began towards me, the words of the chorus expressed just what was in my heart. (more…)

Having A Christ-centered Home

by Rick Pidcock

This month we will be focusing on living worship in the home. No matter what type of home you have, you probably spend most of your time there. And since worship encompasses all of life, then it is vital for the health and growth of our homes that we have a biblical understanding of what having a Christ-centered home looks like theologically as well as practically. (more…)