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Obama & The Age of Hope?

by Rick Pidcock

I usually tend to stay away from politics on my blog.  But in light of our nation gaining a new president, with new promises and expectations, I would like to take a few articles to discuss the implications of the gospel for some of these current issues and events.

For starters, check out this video from Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show.

In the video, Jon Stewart shows a number of videos in order to humorously illustrate the fact that both President Bush and President Obama often speak in the same general terms of hope, peace, patriotism, and change.

Then at the end of the video, Stewart’s commentator says, “Honestly Jon, when Obama says this stuff, I don’t think he really means it. And that gives me hope.”

I know that I am rather young.  But I cannot think of a president that had such high expectations placed on him by our nation.  People everywhere are looking to President Obama to give them the hope and change that they need to be satisfied in life.

So I would like to briefly answer four questions concerning hope.  My goal in this is not to try to get you to vote one way or another, but rather simply to point out a few greater realities in light of the smaller realities that we are all so very focused on in our nation today.