Having A Christ-centered Sibling Relationship

When I think of my childhood, the one word that comes to mind is selfishness. Being the oldest brother, at the age of six, I felt that my age demanded respect and submission. Every aspect of my brothers lives revolved around me.

When we were living in Colorado, I remember forcing my brothers to put my car tracks together. But then they could only watch as I played. I told them that they were not to wander off, but rather to sit and watch me play.

I also remember playing “pretend church.” And of course, I took up an offering. What few pennies my infant to four year old brothers had, I told them that they should give their money to God by giving it to me. And as the devil is my witness, they did.

As we reach this final article in our brief discussion on Living Worship In the Home, I cannot help but admit that I have not thought much on this specific article topic before. So I apologize if my thoughts are still immature in their understanding of gospel-centered whole-life worship. (more…)


Having A Christ-centered Parent-Child Relationship

by Rick Pidcock

I will never forget my last spanking ever. My dad was helping me on one of my dreaded school projects. I, of course, had procrastinated to the very last minute. And both of us were feeling very frustrated. He wanted me to get my work done. And I just wanted him to get off of my back about it.

Through the ensuing conversation, various uncharitable words were expressed on my part, which resulted in my last spanking ever.

My dad grabbed the wimpiest ping pong paddle that had ever been swung on planet earth. And as he made contact with my posterior, the paddle broke…and so did his finger on the corner of the door.

Years later, my mom told me that she told my dad that night, “That’s what you get for spanking out of anger.” Of course, I’m sure that I was at least partly to blame in the whole matter.

I can guess that we probably all have fond memories of our last spanking ever. Perhaps some of you parents are wondering when you will ever give out your last spanking ever. But whatever parent-child relationship you find yourself in, the fact remains that every parent-child relationship has been broken by sin. (more…)

Together For the Gospel Conference

In an age of religious and denominational confusion, many groups of pastors and churches have united for the cause of doctrinal and methodological purity. Unfortunately, however, many of these groups are filled with nonsensical gossip that is done under the guise of “discernment.”

One such group has thirteen resolutions against Jerry Falwell, sixteen decrees against the use of contemporary music in worship, and fourteen statements against the Southern Baptist Convention, to go along with their two recent resolutions against John MacArthur and one against John Piper.

In contrast, it is refreshing to see groups of men that God unites for the purpose of proclaiming the centrality of the gospel in all of life and ministry. One such Gospel-centered event was held on April 15-17 in Louisville, KY. The conference was hosted by Mark Dever, Ligon Duncan, C.J. Mahaney, and Albert Mohler. It also included speakers such as John Piper, John MacArthur, and R.C. Sproul. (more…)

Having A Christ-centered Marriage

by Rick Pidcock 

I will never forget the evening of December 27, 2003. After getting lost on my way to the wedding, getting dressed in the middle of the auditorium, and forgetting my hair gel, I was about to see my bride walk down the isle to give her entire life to me.

With the lights down low, I waited in anticipation as the music began. The song was a song that I had written years before I had ever met Ruth Ellen called, “Look At My Bride.” With the back doors to the little church still closed, the first stanza began to express the feeling of hope, joy, excitement, and even fear that was all rushing through my veins in that timeless moment. I ached for those doors to open.

Then, all the years of waiting, hoping, and praying came down to one moment that would redefine the rest of my life. The doors opened, and there stood my bride. And as she began towards me, the words of the chorus expressed just what was in my heart. (more…)

Having A Christ-centered Home

by Rick Pidcock

This month we will be focusing on living worship in the home. No matter what type of home you have, you probably spend most of your time there. And since worship encompasses all of life, then it is vital for the health and growth of our homes that we have a biblical understanding of what having a Christ-centered home looks like theologically as well as practically. (more…)

Welcome to Living Worship

Dear Reader,

Thanks for checking out my new blog-Living Worship. In case you are not familiar with me, I’d like to share a little bit with you about how God has been transforming me into one of His worshipers.

My name is Rick Pidcock. In September of 2005, my wife Ruth Ellen and I moved from Greenville, SC to Denver, CO in order to help start NorthField Church, a non-denominational, Christ-centered church in the new Stapleton redevolopment area of Denver where I am serving as the lead worshiper. Our church is now just over six months old. And already, God is gathering a body of worshipers in this new urban community.

My passion is to share the redeeming hope of Christ through the gospel in every facet of life. The gospel is more than just the minimum theological facts that are necessary to believe in order to receive salvation. Rather, it is the transforming motive and power that calls and compels us to become worshipers of God with all that we are.

That is where I get the title for my blog-Living Worship. Worship is more than what happens on Sunday morning. It includes every thought, desire, motive, and action in life. It is living every moment by faith in order to magnify God to be of utmost supremacy, in response to the gospel of Christ. And I pray that God will use Living Worship to encourage you and to point you to the One that gives hope and power for everything that you face each day.

worshiping Him,
Rick Pidcock

Living Worship

by Rick Pidcock 

A few years ago, God gave me the opportunity to help a local church choose members for their worship team. Each prospective member chose a song to play for us. And after they played, we would ask them a few questions to get to know them.My question, of course, was, “What is worship?” And as you might guess, most of the answers included various church-related activities such as singing and prayer.

Then there was Andy. He played us a song from a secular rock band. And when I asked him if he could play any Christian songs, he said, “I don’t know any.” So I asked him to give me his definition of worship. He replied by saying, “I don’t know. I guess it’s singing songs on Sunday morning.” I then asked him why he would like to join the worship team. And he said, “I’d just like to get better at learning my guitar chords.”

To my complete dismay, the rest of the worship team panel decided to try to make Andy the worship leader.

So what is worship? Is it merely singing songs and praying one morning each week? Is it simply reading your Bible for ten minutes every other day? (more…)