Welcome to the new Sermon Page at Living Worship.  If you’re looking for gospel-centered preaching, then this is the place to be!  You may recognize some of the men.  Others are not quite as well known.  And they may even be very different from one another stylistically.  But what makes this list of sermon links unique is not the popularity of the pastors, but the centrality of the gospel in each sermon.


Covenant Life Church is the home church for Sovereign Grace Ministries, a network of reformed charismatic churches dedicated to church planting.  Sermons from men such as Josh Harris, C.J. Mahaney, and Bob Kauflin are sure to point you to Christ no matter what topic or book they are preaching through.

Click here to check out their podcast.

hbcchurch Heritage Bible Church is the church that I attended during my college years in Greer, SC.  HBC played a major role in opening my eyes to a God-centered view of the gospel.  With a strong dedication to expository preaching, men such as Dan Brooks, Eric Sipe, and Sandy McCormick will help you to connect each part of each book of the Bible to the greater context of God’s working through the gospel.

Click here to browse HBC’s sermon audio archive.

aahdesktopthumb I first became familiar with Bethel Baptist Church during the summers of 2002-03 when I was working at Woodlands Camp in Cleveland, GA.  Pastor Steve Dewitt is one of the easiest preachers to listen to.  And he does a great job of connecting each sermon to our hope in Christ.

Click here to view BBC’s sermon podcast.

Other Gospel-centered Pastors
Brad Baugham (Emmanuel Bible Church) Simpsonville, SC
David Fairchild (Kaleo Church) SanDiego, CA
John Piper (Bethlehem Baptist Church) Minneapolis, MN
Mark Dever (Capitol Hill Baptist Church) Washington D.C.


4 thoughts on “Sermons

  1. I am not able to access the sermon by Dan Cruver entitled “Preach the Gospel to Yourself.” Is there another media?

  2. I checked out the site and unfortunately the audio for that sermon has been deleted. Dan has a number of other excellent sermons that are still very gospel-centered. If I were you, I would check out some of his other stuff in the meantime here.

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